Planning your 2 day escape

Designed to help you disconnect and unwind the 2-day escape package is a little piece of paradise. You will enjoy two luxurious nights and the best of the Northern Territory’s Top End. You will see plenty of wildlife and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outback.


Here’s what your itinerary could look like;

Day 1

Take a leisurely drive from Darwin along this scenic pathway. You will see some beautiful Top End bush-lands, a Kangaroo or two and plenty of bird life. It’s an easy 2 hours drive and a great opportunity to listen to some of your favourite tunes while you revel in the surrounds.

2 hours later…

Check into Wildman and be shown to your cabin or safari tent and just soak it all in. This is going to be your little piece of paradise for the next 2 days.


Take your time and head down to the infinity pool. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail, kick back and soak in some rays.


After you freshen up for dinner, head back to the lodge deck, where you can sit back, relax and catch the infamous NT sunset before she disappears for the day. Pink, red, orange with a yellow backlight – she never disappoints.


After your cold drink arrives, sit by the fire and watch the animals all out enjoying their evening feast. Wallabies on the range and galahs and cockatoos making a spectacle of themselves. Occasionally the odd dingo wanders past.


Time for dinner now, where you can choose from local delicacies and flavours of the outback. Choose from our extensive wine list, sit back and relax. Catch up, connect and enjoy – this is one of those memories for the data bank.

Day 2

An early start will guarantee the best of nature waking up to a brand-new day. See birdlife in abundance and crocodiles lurking below– who eats first, nobody knows.

Photographers, this is the perfect time of day to capture that ‘special’ nature shot.


Join us back at the lodge and just lounge around, catch up on some reading, or check back into the pool. We have books, magazines and a range of games available for use, so perhaps time to learn chess, or read up on local explorer Ludwig Leichhardt.

In the afternoon, the adventurous can enjoy other scheduled activities – there are plenty to choose from; take a drive or go for a bike ride. Our Fat Wheeled mountain bikes are free to use and we have an easy to follow track down to the Billabong or around the lodge.

Wilderness140Additional tours are readily available, so please check from the list at the lodge. They ordinarily include Brian Creek Walk, Mary River Rockhole Boat Tour, Dual Terrain Scenic Tour, Airboat Wetlands Safari and Liechhardt Point Sundowner.

Link for full range of touring options to choose from…

In the afternoon, if you simply can’t get enough of that magnificent sunset, then why not book yourself on the sundowners tour out to Leichhardt Point  [Link] and enjoy Champagne and a cheese platter at this historical location. Revel in the mystery of our Australian exploration history. You will be back just in time for dinner and another magnificent meal by candlelight.


Final Day

One last chance for a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, say goodbye to your wallabies and a leisurely breakfast before heading off to your next destination.

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