Our top 3 sites for tourist information on the NT


Travelling around the Top End to visit our parks and national reserves can be a fun and rewarding way to see our great Australian Outback. You will learn about our amazing local indigenous heritage and also see birds and plants that you are unlikely to experience back home.

Getting around and knowing where to go, can be hard, as where is the best source of up to date and good quality information? In this blog we have compiled our round up of top websites, with news and information about the NT, getting around and things to see.
1. Sunday Drive anyone?

If you are travelling to a park in the NT by car, it’s always a good idea to check access and availability before your trip. Not all roads are open year-round and heavy rainfall in the wet season can mean some roads are closed for a period of time.

For an up to date check on road access, you can go to the NT Government’s Website, where you will find details about park opening times and temporary closures.

We highly recommend getting around by car. The roads are good quality to most destinations and suitable for 2 wheel drive. The only challenge being, some destinations are 100kms away, with limited service stations along the way, so always be sure to fuel up.

2. Love to take a scenic stroll?

Have you heard the Australian expression ‘foot Falcon’? It means getting from place to place by foot and in the top end, there are heaps of opportunities to go for a walk or follow a trail.

To get a snapshot of bush walking locations, along with maps and details go to the Parks Australia website. Search by region and you are on your way. Just remember,, the NT is hot and humid and you must carry water with you wherever you go.  Some parks do not offer kiosks so you may not be able to buy drinks when you get there. 

3. Book ahead

Want to buy a ticket, book a tour or plan your accommodation?  Then you can’t go past the Tourism Top End website. This is where all the local tourism suppliers list their products and services. If you go into their office in Darwin, you can also find out about the latest offers and deals.

Do the Top End! (Tourism NT campaign slogan)
The best person to ask about the local region at Wildman is our resident tour guides. Well versed in the Top End and local culture, our guides are a wealth of information. We also have a tour desk that can help you plan your bookings and make reservations. For details and to book Wildman Wilderness Lodge tours, go to our online booking site.

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