Why we love camping and the outback?

Is it the smell of a new day or waking up to the sound of birds calling? Is it lying under the blankets, wondering what wild animal is ferreting around in the bushes outside? Whatever it is, there is nothing like camping and being outdoors in the Australian outback.

Photography by Mike Annese

At Wildman Wilderness Lodge, our guests enjoy both ‘camping’ and the ‘outback’. Mind you, it’s not exactly old school – camping, but a luxe style safari tent with all the modern creature comforts. The true luxury though is being slap bang in the middle of this untouched national park in Mary River, surrounded by animals and scenery that is second to none. 


Being in this part of the outback you quickly forget the hustle and bustle of daily life, fighting traffic jams and stressful jobs. In this part of the outback your senses come back to you and you start to notice Mother Nature again. You get a true sense for the size of the sky. It’s not peeking through buildings or clogged from a view with pollution. It’s big, blue and bold and tells stories of the day ahead in the clouds. The sun too, moves throughout the day, rising in the morning and setting in the evening putting on a big show of candy pink, ruby red and yellow gold.


Nothing beats the smells of the outback, that smell of fresh dew in the morning or a camp fire in the evening. Its only when you smell it do you believe you are truly there. And last, but not least, the stars are so close you can almost touch them. Track the Milky Way, spot planets and see the moon up close and personal, nothing beats the real thing.

mg-6068.jpgWe love camping and the outback because of the way it makes us feel.



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