Your outback wedding at Wildman

Where nature comes first

Wildman Wilderness Lodge, just 2 hours outside of Darwin, is the perfect destination for your outback wedding.


With the Mary River National Park surrounding it, Wildman is an inspired outback retreat offering all the creature comforts. It’s the perfect setting for a bride and groom who want an outback adventure and the ultimate romantic experience.

Photographer: Isabella Moore

Outback Wedding

To prove that wedding glamour and outback themes can coexist, Wildman recently held a wedding shoot with a difference. We fused designer wedding fashion with our ‘uniquely NT’ backdrop to prove that the bush is a perfect destination for memories, which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Photographer: Isabella Moore


Photographer: Isabella Moore

Liza & Paspaley Elegance

Our bride was dressed in custom made bridal couture, designed by the talented Liza Emanuele. The dress perfectly complimented this outback setting, whilst still remaining feminine and dreamy. To finish this perfect picture the bride wore Paspaley ‘Lavalier’ white gold with a sapphire button necklace and diamond horseshoe earrings.

Photographer: Isabella Moore
Chinese Wedding74.jpg
Photographer: Mike Annese

The Ultimate Location

On Wildman Wilderness Lodge’s doorstep, Leichhardt point and the surrounding wetlands made for an awe-inspiring backdrop. With wildlife-rich surrounds and so much space, the edge of this stringy bark savannah offered the perfect wilderness setting.

Photographer: Isabella Moore
Photographer: Isabella Moore
Photographer: Isabella Moore

A Lovers Retreat

The unique safari tents presented a window into a world far removed from everyday life.

Chinese Wedding21.jpg
Photographer: Mike Annese

… and the romantic cabins, add a rustic but genuine comfort amidst the rugged wilderness.


Exclusively yours

At Wildman Wilderness Lodge you can experience an outback wedding adventure with the ultimate romantic experience.

“I do”

Credits and thanks

A big thank you goes out to all the people who supported us in putting this wedding shoot together!

Wildman Wilderness Lodge Management

At Wildman Wilderness Lodge we are very lucky to have two very talented photographers working with us. Mike Annese is our official lodge and wildlife photographer and Isabella Moore is our official wedding photographer.

Lisa Emanuele custom designed and made the dress for this wedding shoot. Liza is an established Australian fashion designer with a career spanning more than 20 years. Liza specialises in custom made designer wear.

Pearl Jewellery by Paspaley – the world’s finest pearl jewellery collection, provided the necklace and earrings. If you are in the NT, you can find their beautiful Darwin showroom and amazing team in the Smith Street Mall.

And last but definitely not least, a big thanks to our two gorgeous models Cathy and John, who made this day so special and memorable.

Photographer: Isabella Moore




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